Gratitude for your support in honoring what would have been Jaidon’s 21st Birthday
Gratitude for your support in honoring what would have been Jaidon’s 21st Birthday

Gratitude for your support in honoring what would have been Jaidon’s 21st Birthday

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the generous outpouring of love, support, and donations to this year’s birthday fundraiser for the Jaidon Joseph Smith Educational Scholarship Fund. You have made what would have been Jaidon’s 21st birthday incredibly meaningful by supporting a cause that is close to our hearts.

Thanks to your kindness, we can continue to recognize students like Jaidon who have overcome learning difficulties to allow them to soar into college. Your contributions will make a difference in the lives of these twice exceptional students who have worked so hard to make their challenges work for them.

We are so touched by the generosity and compassion of the following donors for their participation in recognizing what would have been Jaidon’s 21st birthday:

Brian Abraham
Rebecca Abramson
Rachel Ackerman
Tracey Alalouf
Sarah Albus
Betsy Anderson
Dani and Elie Ashery
Dana Aronovich
Kadijahtu Bah
Ken and Allison Beecher
Sheila Berlinger
Judith Bernstein
Spencer Biles
Stella Biles
Carolyn Bloom
Stefani Briker
Nina Butler
Miriam Calderon
Maureen Caulfield
Dave and Amanda Chapman
Kristen Clemens
Jared and Alyson Cohen
Linda Cohen
Jessica Cooper
David and Sharon Connell
Judith Connell
Kathy Daniello
Sara Daza
Betty Dennis
Stephanie Dennis
Lynn Dicker
Mia DeMezza
Josh Dreeban
Roslyn Docktor
Darla Dollar
Elissa and Steve Ehrenstein
Jill Elkins
Deborah Eskenazi-Perez
Paula and Scott Fishthal
David Freiman
Sara Evans
Jennifer Ewbank Kelton
Brendan Flanagan
Stacey Garner
Ilene Godsey

Gerald Goldman
Pia Gray
Krissi Haag
Bari and Brian Handelman
Mark Handelman
Daniel Handwerker
Laura and Brian Hatcher
Lisa Heiser-Polin
Marc Hershkowitz
Patricia and David Hertzbach
Susan Hildebrand
Shira Hill
Jenny and Jeremy Hoffman
Jerry Hollinger
Juliana Horowitz
Tasha Hunt
Brendan and Tracy Jacobs
Steven Jacobs
Chrystel Jeffrey
Kelli Kahalas
Yumna Kaluf
Erica Kaplan
Christopher Kernan-Schmidt
Joanne Kieffer
Michael Kieval and Carla Malozowski
Betsy Kingery
Jamie Kish
Rebecca Kotok
Annika Kramer
Suzanne Krauth
Andrew Kutler
Sarah Leavitt
Sharon and Steve Levine
Jennifer Levings
Michael and Jessica Lewis
Heidi Lovett
Leanne Macel
Karie McMickle
Peggy Mandelbaum
Francesca McCallum
Colleen McCullen and Adam Coates
Eric McErlain
Kaitlyn McKelvey
Aidan McKenna
Jaime McKenna

Lorri McMann
Myrna Menth
Karen Miller
Megan Mitchell
Regina Nemes
Marlys Osterhues
Debbie Palisin
Bridgette Pfeufer
Brittany Porter
Kylie Poynot
Beth Rabinowitz
Janice Ritchie
Dan Rosenberg
Jane Rosenthal
Mitch Rubinstein
Erin Rupolo
Julie Sapper
Katherine Schnorrenberg
Ronald Schwartz
Hallie Segerman
Jenna Sevilla
Robin Shuldenfrei
Alyssa Simms
Mindy Smith
Troy and Jessica Smith
Melissa Snyder
June Sommer
Karla Swartz
Carolyn Tabak
Dale Tanner
Daphne Tanouye
Teresa Temkin
Brenna Thibault
Betsy Thorn
Amy and Benji Tschudin
Elizabeth Turpen
Carl and Sonya Udler
Jessica Urbantke
Jane Ward
Jennifer Weil
Amanda Wong
Dolly Xeron
Monty and Staci Yolles
Mara Youdelman
Ari Zagnit
Andrew Zhang