The Jaidon Joseph Smith Educational Scholarship Fund
2024 Embark Award Application (Juniors)

2024 Embark Award Application (Juniors)

The Jaidon Joseph Smith Educational Scholarship Fund provides resources and funding to deserving students in the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Gifted and Talented/Learning Disability (GT/LD) program, who overcame educational challenges to thrive at school and earn entry to a college or university. The scholarship is in memory of Jaidon, who tragically died in an automobile accident on June 9, 2021 just weeks after graduating from Walter Johnson High School.

This application is for the Embark Award ($250) and any junior (11th grader) at Walter Johnson High School, who is currently enrolled in the GT/LD program, and is preparing to apply to colleges next fall is eligible to submit.


Please provide a NON-MCPS email so that we can communicate with you directly.


Please provide us with the name of one of your parents/guardians.


Date may be approximate.
If you received none, please indicate that as well.


For example: Colleges interested in, Programs of study you are thinking about, Any classes or tutoring you are currently doing to prepare for applying to college, etc.
(1,000 words maximum, please remember to spell check)