August 5, 2021
August 5, 2021

August 5, 2021

I came to your house

So many people are there

I know that you recently moved in

I hope that you are settled in

I see you have had many visitors

Look at all of the stones

Some painted, some plain

All of them so nice

Standing outside

Wow, it seems so quiet

How were you so lucky

To find this place

I am still here

Why won’t you answer

I know you asked me

Not to come unannounced

Sorry for that

I tried to call you

I got your voicemail

Maybe I’ll text

Maybe someday

Not too soon

You’ll let Mama and me

Come stay with you

It may be cramped

I know your place isn’t that big

We won’t take up that much space

We just want to visit

Your place is cozy

But I guess I’ll go

I’ll show up again

I’ll bring you a stone

Let me check the address

I just want to see

Yep, Section 40, Row 4

Space number 3