July 1, 2021
July 1, 2021

July 1, 2021

Never again will I see your smile

Except in a picture frame

I can try to see you in memories

And that is really a shame

Never again will I hear your voice

Except in a kept voicemail

I only want just one more sound

To ease this living hell

Never again will I smell your sourdough

You perfected that recipe

I yearn to clean up after you

Even though you thought you cleaned

Never again will I hear you say

“Daddy, you’re really old”

Or any other funny jab

Or story you may have told

Never again will I stomp on the floor

Three times to get you upstairs

Though, I accidentally did it today

And it only brought despair

Never again will I get to see

that amazing man

That you had become

In such a short lifespan

Never again will I get to sit

And watch you just be you

Your beautiful self conquering

Every challenge you dove into

Never again will I be the same

For now my heart just aches

I sob, I wish I had you back

Even a moment I would take

Never again will you hear

Me say that I love you

More than you ever fathomed

Just because you were you

Never again…