July 2, 2021
July 2, 2021

July 2, 2021

This is the last photo Jaidon ever took on his phone. I suspect he was fascinated by the Tesla’s license plate being all ones. You can tell in the picture that the weather was getting iffy.

Oy the rain. For the past several weeks I have avoided driving in the rain at all costs. Quite frankly it scared the shit out of me and provided way more anxiety that I ever imagined it should.

Yesterday I offered to take a dear friend of mine to pick up his car. Three minutes after pulling out of work the skies opened up like I haven’t seen before. Couldn’t barely see the road ahead or the cars along side us. We sat in the car, silently, white-knuckled as I slowly maneuvered through traffic.

Terrified was a gross understatement. I knew at some point I was going to have to drive in the rain and push through the fact that this was the reason I lost my baby boy, but I have been a bit oblivious to the news and weather lately so I didn’t foresee this.

Turns out that it was better this way. I suspect if I had to do this on my own I would have either prolonged it or had a massive panic attack in the car alone.

I took a deep breath and plowed through, with silent support which got me through. I think we were both equally nervous and apprehensive about my comfort level to do this.

This morning as I headed back to work it was raining. I was ok. I wasn’t nervous, I just got myself to work and didn’t think twice about it. Not sure if I could have gotten there without the support from yesterday.

Just another reminder of how amazing my village is and how much I love and need them all. ❤️