June 24, 2021
June 24, 2021

June 24, 2021

To those out there not knowing what to say to us, we hope you never have the words. If you do, it means you know this pain. Tomorrow will be two weeks since we laid our beautiful boy to rest. Where has the time gone?

The tears build up

Like water being blocked by a dam

Pushing and begging

To break through

It doesn’t matter

Tears won’t bring him back

The air leaves my lungs

Almost like I have fallen

From hundreds of feet up

I try to catch my breath

But I can’t grab it

It is so far out of reach

Everything around me is silent

The volume to my world

Turned down

But, it isn’t

I wail. Loudly

So loudly that heads turn

Staring at me

Judging the unknown

Not fully understanding

The angst continues

The hurt hitting me

In waves, like aftershocks

Constant, steady, unpredictable

But then the sun shines down

Warming my skin

Attempting to penetrate my soul

Embrace the suck

This won’t go away

I must understand

Better yet, educate myself

Learn to be ok, or not

Be the best daily

That I can be

No matter what that means.