June 27, 2021
June 27, 2021

June 27, 2021

The wind walked across my skin today

Carefully maneuvering, keeping me calm

The sun smiled down

Kissing my skin, warming my body

The ground embraced me

Not comfortably, but somehow peaceful

But it is all bittersweet

The beauty of the day is spoiled

The sun now frowning

The grounds embrace becomes a vice

Gripping and squeezing

Why can’t I breathe?

I look around and see no beauty

Just water, almost like looking at the ocean floor

While in the water

No goggles, salt burns

I rub my eyes, harder and harder

Each time it is as though my hands

Can’t move away

Like my hands are superglued

To my eyes

Why can’t I see?

I stand up, breaking from the grips of the ground

Still weak, but I can see

I wish I couldn’t

Is that my heart still lying on the ground

Is there a hole in my chest

Why must I love?

I shake my head

Like a dog with its toy

Refocusing, realizing, revitalized

Reaching down, I take my heart

Not all of it

It’s not all mine

He gets to keep that

The rest goes to my family

They need it

I still love

My vision is clear

I must see what the future holds

I can see again

I breathe in

The warm air crisp on my lungs

Breathe in slowly

Breathe out slowly

I can breathe again

The love of a parent for a child

Is unwavering, and stands the test of time

So, I visit you

Not how I want

Yet I now look forward to our time together

I cherish it

I cherish it because of eternal love

From a father