June 30, 2021
June 30, 2021

June 30, 2021

Today marks three weeks. It seems like just yesterday and also 10 years. I am not sure how this is possible. As I was looking through some things I ran across a poem that was written to me by my third grade student Margot. I was given permission by her mom Roz Dzelzitis to put it online. First of all, this was written by a rising 4th grader. Also, it was written by this student out of love. I am so proud of her and her poem made me feel so much better today. Sometimes it is the little things that help get through the day. Thank you Margot. I think you wrote beautifully. Here is her poem. Please be respectful in the comments. Not only is she a rising 4th grader, she was my student and I am very protective.


Rest in Peace

Life is a never-ending tunnel,

sometimes dark and sometimes light,

sometimes damp and sometimes dreary

But out of damp there comes dry,

and out of the dark there comes light,

and out of the cold there warmth

Winter had just passed, and the sun shone over the small field draped with lemon trees

And morning dewdrops that were clear and salty by the cool breeze of the morning swept across the whole coral skyline just pink from dawn

And while the hours passed the golden glowing sun rose higher until it was at the very top, and then it planted itself, the sky fully blue and the air muggy with joy.

Past the fields and the barns filled with sheep braying and cows mooing and bluebirds singing

Was a forest of flowers, pink with joy and blue with sadness, and red with anger and yellow with happiness, all of them re-growing and living in the salty and breezy misty air of April.

Flowers Jaidon and Camille were blooming after winter, living, even if it didn’t feel the same as when they were first planted. And no matter how many winters passed, and no matter how different it felt, Jaidon and Camille are still blooming to this day.

By Margot

For Mr. Smith