September 7, 2021
September 7, 2021

September 7, 2021

Time, what is it?

By definition, a noun, a verb, an adjective

As humans we judge time

By how long it takes

To orbit around a gas ball

So far away, yet close enough

To kiss our cheeks

Sending warmth and happiness

Helping us to, momentarily,

Stop time while we close our eyes

And hold onto our thoughts

All the while we spin

Like a merry- go-round

Watching the gassy ball

Jump up in the east

And go to sleep in the west

Time on earth is short

Considering earth’s age

Yet, our time is now

I stop and look around and

I wonder how time has stopped for me

And simultaneously continued to move

At the same pace for everyone else

Time has stopped

But I have aged

The lines on my face

No longer smile lines

No longer crows feet

Now, just dried up riverbeds

That frequently experience

Flash floods. Tears flowing

Finding the old paths

That have taken over

Time heals the wounds

It heals the pain


How can it heal

When it stops

A continuous cycle

A horrible deja vu

Over and over and over

The ending always the same

Time stopping

Maybe, just maybe

When I open my eyes

There will be peace

Joy, or even just


Maybe, time will begin again

And when it does

I will be able to enjoy

Watching the ball jump up in the east

Lay down in the west

For now, time for me

doesn’t exist

Not in the way it did before

It is on the verge

Of extinction

Barely hanging on

Begging me to

Let it start again